Aerial-Cam - Archaeological Photography

We are a Specialist Archaeological Photography service employing the latest techniques, equipment and software to produce high quality evidence photography and 3D visualization of heritage assets.

In recent years the emphasis has shifted from pure photographic recording (creating an archive of evidence photographs), to photogrammetric surveying, creating 3D models of evidence in the ground or in building fabric, using the structure from motion (SfM) technique. As SfM relies on the movement of a camera from one position to the next over a subject so that accurate 3D representation can be created, the remote operation of cameras has become more important than ever.

Below are some examples.


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For viewing the 3D models use a mouse with a wheel to zoom, left click and hold to rotate and right click to move. For a Lidar like view of buildings, earthworks and other features, try rotating the model in full screen mode and switch rendering option to Matcap (bottom right). A good Internet connection is required along with a compatible Browser such as Google Chrome.

Moai Ship Petroglyph by aerial-cam on Sketchfab

Vindolanda Fort and vicus excavation areas 2015 by aerial-cam on Sketchfab

Pinn Brook Enclosure by aerial-cam on Sketchfab

Grave-1 by aerial-cam on Sketchfab

Machine wheel by aerial-cam on Sketchfab

Carew Castle curtain wall by aerial-cam on Sketchfab


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